Friday, October 9, 2009

Latin Mottoes & Phrases Noteobooking Pages

Created to help you learn 200 of the most common Latin mottoes & phrases occurring in our English language today.

Far from being dead, Latin is present everywhere, from the invitations and letters that we receive to the legal forms that we sign. We see it at the doctor's office, study it in science, and read it in works of great literature. While we may not need to learn the language in its entirety, a familiarity with basic Latin vocabulary is a great asset to any individual. Two of the most beneficial reasons to learn Latin mottoes and phrases are to increase reading comprehension and boost achievement test scores.

Package includes:

  • Instructions
  • Mottoes and Phrases Reference Table with Literal Translation for 200 Phrases, as well as Common Meaning and Etymology, if applicable
  • Student Notebook Cover
  • Shield & Banner Page
  • 200 Mottoes & Phrases Notebooking Pages
  • Blank notebooking page for mottoes & phrases you may choose to study

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